Georgia O’Keeffe Tate Modern Exhibition

I went to the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition at the Tate Modern today. This exhibition consists of many rare and never before seen works of art. The exhibition is only around from the 6th of July to the 30th of October which makes this even more special. There were 13 parts to the exhibition, each part was a room and focused on a different aspect of Georgia O’Keeffe’s art in each one. For example the first room was titled ‘The early years and ‘291” and focused on of course the early years of her art life including pieces from her first ever solo exhibition. Another room was titled ‘New York cityscapes’ which was one of my favourites. This room had several paintings and photographs of New York buildings. I admired these works as they created a perfect visual description of how it would have been to have lived in New York during these times of the 1920’s. The dark and warm colours accompanied by large daunting skyscrapers made for some great pieces of work. The purpose of this exhibition was to ‘dispel the cliches that persist about O’Keeffe’s painting, emphasising instead the pioneering nature and breadth of her career’.


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