Infinite Mix

On Wednesday I went to the Infinite Mix gallery in central London and viewed the various works that were being displayed. All of the works used film in some way. Each piece had it’s own individual room which was dark with a projection of the video piece. Surround sound speakers were used to enhance the feel of the work.

One of my favourite works from the exhibition was Kahlil Johnson’s m.A.A.d film installation. The film used recordings from Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city album in conjunction with gritty and real imagery of life in Kendrick Lamar’s city of Compton. I thought this film was great as it blended the two mediums of sonics and film in a way that I don’t usually see in galleries. It was refreshing to see an exciting film accompanied by popular hip-hop songs in a well respected London gallery.

Below is a still from the m.A.A.d city film.


My other favourite piece from the Infinite Mix exhibition was the Everything and More film by the artist Rachel Rose. This film consisted of amazing narration and visuals. The editing of the footage used in this film was extremely creative and engaging. Again this was something that was refreshing to me as it was instantly stimulating rather than the usual which requires the audience to dig deep and concentrate in order to find the intended meaning. The film is about the struggle of an astronaut returning to Earth through themes of distortion.

Below is a still from the Everything and More film.



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