Jonatan Leandoer 127 at Tate Modern

Jonatan Leandoer 127 (JL127) is a Swedish artist who also makes music under the more commonly known alias Yung Lean. The artist’s real name is Jonatan Leandoer Hastad and he has been making music for a few years now under the Yung Lean alias. This music predominantly falls into the Hip-Hop genre but has always had a unique style. After Jonatan had picked up a large following under the Yung Lean name he started to slowly release music under the JL127 name in 2016. He has never promoted the music of JL127 through his Yung Lean social media accounts, therefore only a small percentage of his overall fanbase know about this new music. The music released under the JL127 name is very different to that of Yung Lean, it is certainly polarising as most of the singing is off key and the instrumentals are rough and feel unfinished. Many fans say that the music is purposefully meant to be amateurish. I personally agree but I am still a fan of the music, I find that it eventually grows on you.

Here are a couple tracks released under Jonatan Leandoer 127.


To compare the music styles here are a couple tracks released under Yung Lean.

Jonatan Leandoer was invited by Rinse FM and Tate Modern to perform inside the Tate Modern building. This took place on the 5th of February and I was fortunate enough to attend the event as it was surprisingly busy despite the event being advertised very little, especially to the fanbase of Jonatan. The event consisted of a short set lasting around 15 minutes where Jonatan Leandoer performed a few songs off of his debut project under the JL127 name called Psychopath Ballads. I thought that it could have been slightly longer but overall it was a great experience, especially as it was free. It is really great that organisations such as Tate are enabling all kinds of artists to showcase their art to such a wide public audience.

Here is the full recorded performance.


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