Zak Arogundade, more widely known as Ecco2K is a highly influential musician and designer. He is a frequent collaborator of Yung Lean and the rest of the SBE group and is also a part of a similar group known as SG, GTB or DG. His visual and sonic style are both unique and have attracted a loyal collection of fans that are always on the lookout for new music releases or merchandise. His overall style is heavily based on the use of technology and he is especially enigmatic. I am a big fan of his work as he has influenced countless trends both visual and in music throughout the last few years.

Here are some examples of his design work, personal clothing style and music:

This is a shoe Ecco2K designed in collaboration with Eytys. He had been seen replacing shoe laces with zip ties on his shoes about a year or two ago, so it is clear where the inspiration for this shoe came from.


Ecco2K often helps create many of the visuals used by Yung Lean and this is another case of a design collaboration. This is the album cover for Yung Lean’s ‘Warlord’ designed by Ecco2K. This is a screen print on black fabric.


This t-shirt was a piece of merchandise for his music group, designed by Ecco2K himself.


Here are a collection of images from his Twitter and Tumblr accounts.


Here are some examples of his music:


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