Robert Longo

Born in the early 1950’s in New York, Robert Longo began his early art career at the University Of North Texas. This move never amounted to much as he left before receiving a degree. It was a sculptor whom Robert Longo was later studying under by the name of Leonda Finke that inspired Robert Longo to venture more into visual arts and pursue a career in it. When he returned to New York to study at Buffalo State College he received a BFA which happened in 1972 and he was associated with prolific photographer Cindy Sherman.

Robert Longo is most famous for his collection of works under the title of “Men in the Cities”. One of these works was featured in the critically acclaimed film “American Psycho”. This did help boost Robert Longo’s career in the more recent years.


Scene from American Psycho featuring the work above.


Robert Longo’s work has been a strong influence in my work as I focus on portraying figures with little detail and block colour. These traits are found in the majority of Longo’s work.


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