Vorticism is a modernist movement in British art taking heavy influences from the style of cubism. This movement was first announced in 1914 in a magazine called BLAST , two editions of this magazine were written by well-known vorticist Wyndham Lewis. Wyndham Lewis was the originator of the movement and created it with the intent of being a mixture of futurism, dynamism and cubism. The movement came about as a rejection to the traditional forms of art at the time, being landscapes and nude portraits. Some other participants in this movement were Edward Wadsworth and Lawerence Atkinson.

Here are some examples of the vorticism style.

Wyndham Lewis:

The Crowd ?exhibited 1915 by Wyndham Lewis 1882-1957

Edward Wadsworth:

View of a Town circa 1918 by Edward Wadsworth 1889-1949

Lawerence Atkinson:

The Lake c.1915-20 by Lawrence Atkinson 1873-1931


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