Jim Joe

Jim Joe is a graffiti artist who’s work mostly takes place in New York. He is a mysterious artist, his face has never been revealed and he has had decoys take his place in public events and interviews to throw people off.

He is most famous for his work with Drake and Kanye West. He designed the cover art for Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late album and art for Kanye West’s iTunes page.


His recognisable style consists of a certain form of handwriting he utilises when doing his street graffiti. Along with the style of writing he usually writes clever and meaningful sentences. It is fairly similar to what Jean-Michel Basquiat was doing under the SAMO name in his early career.


I am a fan of Jim Joe as I admire the enigma of his character and how he never really publicises himself, it is as if the work speaks for itself, there is no need for a face behind the art.


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