Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko was an artist creating and exhibiting work primarily throughout the 30s to the 60s. He was a New York based artist but was born in Russia, he emigrated from Russia to the US due to the drafting of the Imperial Russian Army. The art career of Mark Rothko started in 1923 when he found work in the garment district of New York, he later enrolled at an arts school called Parsons The New School for Design. He then started taking courses at the Art Students League. Mark Rothko started exhibiting work in 1928 along with a group of other young up and coming artists. He then had his first one-person show in 1935 where he presented fifteen oil paintings.

The early work of Mark Rothko was very different to his later work which is what he is best known for. He used to practice in more conventional and traditional types of paintings, e.g. realistic painting of train stations.

The work he did later on in his career consisted of his well known large block colour paintings. I admire these works as he took a bold risk in his career to go from conventional forms of painting to something very abstract. The other reason why I admire these works is because they can communicate emotion and how Mark Rothko was feeling at the time extremely well in such a simple way. I’ve also been interested in the New York scene during the 50’s and 60’s for a long time which is when Mark Rothko dominated and produced many of his great works, this definitely heightens my interest in his work.



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