Jesse Kanda

Visual artist and frequent collaborator of the likes of Arca and FKA Twigs, Jesse Kanda has a highly distinct style that isn’t for the faint of heart. His style consists of mostly digital 3D modelling where he usually creates gory almost mythical looking creatures. The models are usually heavily distorted and given odd textures in order to create something quite unsettling. Below are some examples of his work.


Jesse Kanda is most well known for the cover art he created for FKA Twigs’ project LP1, which utilises the 3D modelling style and creates something slightly more realistic but still within that unique style.



Arca is another well known collaborator of Jess Kanda. Arca has done much more collaborative work with Jesse than FKA Twigs. Jesse Kanda has helped create multiple videos and pieces of cover art for Arca. The strong collaborative relationship the two have isn’t surprising as their styles merge together perfectly, Arca’s music is just as disorientating and abstract as the work of Jesse Kanda.

Here are two videos that were made in collaboration with Arca.

Here are a few examples of cover art that Jesse Kanda has created for Arca’s music.


I like what Jesse Kanda has done with the digital modelling medium as it was initially created in order for people to be able to create realistic representations of things in the world and what Jesse has done is go against that and create models that would never exist in the real world but have a realistic quality at the same time.


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