Kaws is a world renowned artist known for his colourful imaginative graffiti and sculptures. He has also had many big name fashion collaborations with brands such as Nike, Jordan, Uniqlo and A Bathing Ape. Kaws also had his own brand for around 7 years in collaboration with Medicom Toy called Original Fake. Brian Donnelly is the man behind the Kaws name which doesn’t stand for anything or have a deeper meaning other than the fact that Brian liked how it looked in graffiti, he stated in an interview. Not everyone may know Kaws by name but they most likely know his work. From his early work up until present day Kaws’ work has always had a child like quality that appeals to all audiences.

Here are some examples of his work starting with more of his older work to more recent examples.


There is a specific feature used in the large majority of Kaws’ work that is arguably the most recognisable aspect out of everything and that is the X. Kaws will usually substitute eyes for Xs and also puts them on hands and feet. Xs over eyes usually connotes death but I think Kaws uses it in more of a way to speak on lack of identity in modern day society. Kaws sometimes even takes already existing cartoon characters and adds his signature style to them, e.g. The Simpson and Snoopy.

Kaws has always been an avid fan of collectables and figures, this is what inspired him to create his own. Kaws’ action figures are highly sought after with many rare pieces going for thousands and tens of thousands. Much like the attention Kaws has grabbed with his figures he also attracts similar if not more attention with his fashion collaborations in particular with Jordan where has recently released a shoe that sold out instantly and is now being resold for well over £1000 online.


Here are some other examples of fashion collaborations Kaws has taken part in.



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