Gucci Ghost/Trouble Andrew

Trevor Andrew, an ex-Olympic snowboarder is the man behind the now world known Gucci Ghost artwork. Trevor Andrew goes by the alias Trouble Andrew and resides in New York. He started getting recognition a couple years ago through his unique music he would upload to Soundcloud and his graffiti street art. Alessandro Michele, the creative director behind Gucci contacted Trouble Andrew to commission work for the next Gucci collection after seeing his underground street art incorporating the Gucci brand and graffiti. This collaboration between a fairly unknown street artist and Gucci is quite a monumental, especially as a large portion of the collection was based around these Gucci Ghost pieces of work. It was a real change for Gucci to go through with this collaboration as it was really going against the grain by dismissing the traditions of the fashion house and branching off into something different. It helped put a much needed spotlight on other street artists such as Trouble Andrew that are now receiving the recognition they deserve.

Trouble-Trevor-Andrew-Gucciguccighost-trevor-andrew-trouble-art-wall-beyonce-madonna-900x822408239_X5H01_6560_001_100_0000_Light-GucciGhost-sweatshirt414476DSUCT4180-GucciGhost print-2c8021e8-


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